Rajesh Sanap

Rajesh has published several research papers on taxonomy and natural history of lesser lifeforms.  Currently, he is involved in detailed documentation of biodiversity of Aarey Milk Colony. He has been studying human leopard interactions for almost 7 years in various parts of Maharashtra. Study of cultural and social aspects of human-leopards interaction is his main focus.


Ranjeet Jadhav

Ranjeet is a journalist by profession. He is currently working as the principal correspondent with Midday, a Mumbai based tabloid. He is deeply interested in covering human wildlife interactions.  For past 7 years, he has been working on several Environment and wildlife related problems. His mission is to highlight the role of media in conservation management.


Imran Udat

Born and brought up in Aarey Colony, Mumbai, Imran knows this area like back of his hand. His unparalleled knowledge of the terrain has proved to be of immense value for leopard monitoring activity . As a resident of Aarey Colony, he has been fighting to save the area’s green cover and has special interest in city’s big cats.


Kunal Chaudhary

Kunal is a Mumbai based nature enthusiast.  His experience in camera trap study  in Sanjay Gandhi National park gave him an opportunity to work with National Geographic Photographer Steve Winter. He has also worked with National Geographic Television and has a genuine interest in documenting India’s wildlife.



Satish Lot

A resident of Aarey Colony, Mumbai, he is well versed with Aarey’s leopard families and is actively involved in their  regular monitoring.


Hitendra Pacjkale

He is a statistician by training and has a deep interest in conservation of wildlife especially big cats. He has been working as a volunteer in camera trap study on leopards in Aarey Milk Colony.


Sudam Navale

Accountant Sudam Navale’s passion for big cats lead him to Aarey Milk Colony. He has been actively involved in the camera trap study on leopards in Aarey Milk Colony.


Akshay Shinde

He is a  zoology student and a keen birdwatcher. Since childhood he is interested in birds, herpetofauna & mammals. He is  dedicated towards wildlife conservation and wants to pursue conservation biology.


                                       Kaushal Dubey and Prabhu Swami

Being residents of Aarey Milk Colony and members of animal rescue team, they have been rescuing various animals from human dominated forested areas of this colony. For past several years they are working for wildlife awareness and reducing human-wildlife conflict in this area.  They are passionate about wildlife and would like to be part of long term monitoring of biodiversity in Aarey Milk Colony.